Thursday, December 06, 2007

PC World reports on Storm Worm botnets

PC World, December 2007, has an important story by Erik Larkin on p 67, "Security Alert: The Internet's Public Enemy Number One" about the Storm Worm and the number of computers it can command. Apparently it can defend itself heuristically by "DDos"-ing your machine, in unusual and deceptive ways. But the best defense seems to be good use of anti-virus software from the major vendors (McAfee, Norton, etc).

Robert McMillan, of IDG News Service, as an article in the PC World online, "Storm Worm Sent 15 Million Pump-And-Dump E-Mails Last Month: The Storm Worm botnet network may be shrinking in size, but it managed to send out 15 million annoying audio spam messages in October", here.

The best way to find information about the virus on McAfee seems to be to look for Nuwar, which brings up many entries, such as this . "Storm Worm" itself does not come up on McAfee.

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