Friday, February 22, 2008

McAfee Site Advisor issues

There was an odd problem with McAfee SiteAdvisor Thursday night, Feb. 21. Most sites suddenly started showing “gray” (as if unrated), even the large commercial sites like Yahoo! and CNN. When I tried to connect to “view site details” I got an unknown address. Then, a couple of times, Mozilla crashed or ran out of memory. A few smaller sites kept on working most of the time. itself would not connect for a few minutes, but it promptly came back and would work manually with URL's keyed in. But it could not connect to URL's entered on either computer in either browser.

I tried it also with Internet Explorer and got the gray box, and tried it on another computer. Same result.

I found a forum on Yahoo! where people were discussing it, here.
You have to have a registered Yahoo! account to comment.

It seems to be working this morning normally

Does anybody understand how this works?

I do find that McAfee is “strict” on rating sites, downgrading them to yellow for sending too many emails, or for selling services that should be free (like “free credit reports”). It will sometimes downgrade for inadvertently linking to “unsafe” sites. Many blogs on Blogger (including this one) still have not been rated yet.

I don’t know what SiteAdvisor does on blogs when comments inserted by users link to unsafe sites (very common as there are a lot of “spam” comments; it’s a good idea to keep moderation on and check links on comments to see that they match the names

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