Monday, April 21, 2008

Arlington County (VA) sends out emergency warnings with cyber alerts

Arlington County (VA) sends out emergency warnings to by email to subscribers, and among these now are warnings about computer worms and email phishing scams. Today, Arlington alerted users to an FBI page concerning ongoing cyber investigations.

The latest scam seems to be sending a fake grand jury summons. This email might say that the subject is under grand jury investigation, or is called to testify before one. The FBI link is here. As always, the FBI recommends not opening such emails, but the greatest danger would come from embedded links.

A grand jury summons would always be delivered "in the real world" by appropriate legal service process, never by email.

Recently, I wrote about another issue with "spam comments" in blogs, where the spammer makes it appear that it is a legitimate member of the blogger publishing community. Always be careful about clicking on links in comments that appear to be ambiguous, come with little explanation or in comments with "word salad" or especially with multiple links to the same site. Fake anti-virus programs are being promoted in such comments. I monitor all comments.

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