Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Beware of "investment" swindles

The NBC Today show on June 17 reported a major Internet swindle, where a man Paul Kreuger, now in jail in Pennsylvania, swindled a number of people into making “investments” in a phony music company. Two of his victims, both female, appeared on the show. The Internet site had been called “millionairematch.com”.

Internet security expert Paul Wolinsky (http://www.wiredsafety.com/) appeared on the show to discuss the case. The women say that they “investigated” the man with search engines and did not find anything that questioned his “reputation.”

A typical media story occurs in the Chicago Tribune (reprinted from an Allentown PA paper), June 4, “Internet scam suspect returned to Souterton,” link here.

In another story, Myspace has won a judgment against a spammer who "barraged Myspace members with unsolicited advertisements." The story is by AP Technology Writer Brian Bernstein, link here. Myspace has won other judgments against spammers (AOL is well known for pursuing them).

Picture: from a trip in SW PA, near the Wright house, in 1995.

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