Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A large percentage of kids are bullied online, mothers say on Today Show

The NBC Today show reported this morning (June 4) an interview in which a mother claims that 85% of teenagers who use the Internet at home now experience some cyberbullying. This is an extension of bullying that may occur on school grounds, although not all kids are subject to this.

The mothers (who included Megan Meier’s mother) suggested that parents proactively check not only their own kids’ profiles on Myspace or Facebook (or similar sites) but also the blogs of “Friends” for possible derogatory comments about their kids. Some of these comments may not get picked up by search engines and be on profiles marked “private” but that become public in practice anyway, at least within the school. Michael Fertik has discussed this kind of situation in relation to his business “Reputation Defender.”

In the "real world" I got in trouble in early June 1958 in Ninth Grade (then that was "junior high school" for repeating a medical "rumor" about a particular student, when it was overheard by the school librarian. I was called in by the School Nurse suddenly, and she accused me of "bullying." Her first words were "I want this stopped..." I still remember the incident. Usually, I was the target of the teasing for being way behind physically and athletically.

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The Megan Meier case is very sad. Cyberbullying has really become a major concern among parents today because of stories like this. I wrote a post about it at