Tuesday, July 29, 2008

An article on registry cleaning and spyware

This morning, CNN gave a link to an ARA Lifestyle Article “How to Keep Your PC Clean and Quick,” link here.

The article discussed three major topics. The first (for Windows machines) was to run a Registry cleaner. Over time, it says online games, application crashes and upgrades cause registry errors which slow down the machine. The article recommends Sammsoft, but when I went to the link it gave, McAfee Site Advisor flagged Sammsoft as a red site.

She also discusses spyware and viruses as separate problems, which they are, but modern anti-virus companies will offer bundled protection against both. 61% of PC’s have spyware on them, and 92% of these users don’t know they have it. Potentially, spyware could endanger bank and financial accounts, or even passwords for other Internet activity, even leading to framing for other people’s activities, even if statistically the occurrence of compromise of these seems quite low. There was a disturbing story about this possibility on this blog Feb. 3, 2007.

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