Thursday, August 28, 2008

Firefox 3.0.1 gets a bit jumpy

Earlier this week Firefox prompted me to download and install browser 3.0.1

I thought I would note a few behaviors. If I happen to be in a site requiring login and I simply click out, the next time I start Firefox 3.0.1 it comes back on at that page instead of a default page. Maybe I have to play with it to change that (I didn’t see an obvious solution in the toolbar). But that could pose a problem for some users if they don’t fully log out of a site when finished (especially if multiple people can use the computer, as in a family room).

Some cookies are lost, others are not. Some passwords on some sites do not save, and in one case a cookie remembered an out-of-date password. I don't know why the new Mozilla behaves this way.

McAfee SiteAdvisor also prompted me to download an update for its communication with the new Firefox. By the way, McAfee SiteAdvisor is very strict, giving some professional news sites (like a Jacksonville, FL newspaper now and previously TV station WJLA in Washington DC) yellow ratings for sending too many emails; news organizations should work with McAfee and WOT for ratings policies on this issue promptly!

There is some discussion of the extra warnings that Firefox 3.0 gives when a site’s secure connection (https) has expired or not been properly issued by a third party. However Mozilla offers an add-on from Carnegie-Mellon to bypass this. The news story is on Networkworld, “Mozilla garners praise over Firefox security feature, Carnegie Mellon Firefox add-on aimed at avoiding user confusion, hacker attacks”, Aug. 26, 2008. by John Fontana, link here.

Sept. 3

I also downloaded and installed Google Chrome. It is very fast with Google products. When browsing, it does not connect with McAfee SiteAdvisor.

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