Friday, October 03, 2008

Domain name registration companies checked for shoddy practices (by ICANN)

Shaun Waterman of United Press International is reporting that ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is investigating two domain registrars with almost one million domains between the two of them, for not adequately identifying registrant information so that their contact information becomes available through WHOIS or through a legitimate private registration setup.

Registrants would be transferred to other registration companies if these registrants are shut down.

The action is important because domain registrants without valid contact information or mechanisms are thought to be a major source of spam and of phishing attacks or various scams.

An original UPI story, originally published May 29, 2008 is here and it requires registration to see.

A newer related story appeared Oct. 2 (same author), here and requires registration.

The Washington Times reprinted the story Friday Oct 3 on p A14, “Economy,” under the name “Domain Registrars Warned on Oversight.”

ICANN has its version of the story dated Oct. 1 “Breach notices sent to and Registrars given 15 days to fix their Whois investigation efforts” here.

My own favorite WHOIS site is Domain Tools (which used to have the odd address

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