Thursday, November 27, 2008

Report says major spamming botnet has returned; home users should monitor with caution

A disturbing story in Computer World, Nov. 26, by Greg Keizer, says that the Srizbi botnet has resurrected itself after being knocked off line by the closing of McColo. A company called FireEye reportedly tried to monitor the efforts of the spamming “service” but was unable to stop it from connecting to new domains in a daisy-chain fashion, apparently largely in Estonia. The title of the story is “Massive botnet returns from the dead, starts spamming: Criminals regain control after security firm stops preemptively registering routing domains” and the link is here.

I had not really noticed that much drop off in the spam in my AOL mail box after the story Nov. 13 about the disabling of the spam “service” by other ISPs. Once in a while, I still notice some sender-id spoofing. But others say that worldwide spam was cut by two-thirds.

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