Saturday, November 01, 2008

Switched and AOL update "sneaky" virus list; warning on 2 Facebook-related items

AOL and have upgraded their recommendations with a new list of the “14 sneakiest viruses”, by Dan Reilly, link here. I last covered his column on Oct. 10, but many of the viruses in this list are important news. One is a fake email involving Barack Obama, but the most interesting may be W32.Koobface worm which can hijack your Facebook account and conceivably cause Facebook to discontinue your account. There is another Facebook Trojan Troj/Dloadr-BPL. There is also a MacIntosh OSX virus called OSX/Hovdy-A. Zlob can corrupt your Wi-Fi router, possibly endangering neighbors who don’t use secure Wi-Fi connections properly. Mebroot hides in a master book record and involved bogus financial sites. The clipboard attack involves Firefox or Mozilla.

But perhaps one of the most important is the recently discovered Microsoft security flaw which was discussed here Oct. 23. McAfee's Threat Center discusses this Microsoft problem (with a "Breaking Advisory") and lists a number of threats and unwanted programs here. The McAfee virus search page (to check the threats listed on Reilly's list to see which DAT files cover them) is here.

I have noticed that Mozilla has the irritating habit of caching the last website you closed, and then hanging and not completely closing until you click again. In rare cases, Mozilla seems to run away with computer CPU usage and require that the system be restarted. This seems to need another fix.

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