Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Does McAfee sometimes deadly embrace other services in older XP machines? Followup on the "slow machine" problem

Well, maybe I spoke too soon about the “success” of Microsoft’s patches last week (for my 2003 XP Home machine). Today, when I cold booted the same machine, it hung again when McAfee told me that “some of your protection is not working” and I clicked on the McAfee icon, and then clicked on Google Chrome to get it up.

So the next time I got Google Chrome completely up (it had to clear an incomplete shut down, it told me), and only then tried to fix the McAfee problem, which this time “fixed itself.” But then I noticed that it had tried to load a DAT virus file update at the same time the first time I had booted up.

Finally, I brought up Firefox, and this time it loaded more quickly than usual.

It is true that the bootup is faster than it was before the patch.

An article by Bill Detwiler in Tech Republic suggests that old or obsolete drivers could slow down or corrupt a machine. The story is “Find and delete hidden Windows Vista and XP drivers”, here.

If any visitor is experiencing odd behavior from McAfee (verify subscription, lockouts, saying that System Guards is disabled, etc) I'd love to get comments.

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