Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Reviewing email security, especially for home based businesses

Bill Detwiler, on Tech Republic, offered video blog entry today offering five major tips for making your office email more secure. The link is here. But it is based on an earlier paper by Chad Perrin, “10 essential email security measures”, for which he gives a secondary link.

What struck me about these two pieces was how they apply to a small or particularly home business owner (even blogger), especially if the owner brings other people onto the property to work and gives them email or Internet access.

They’re all pretty sensible. A Pop service managed by a stable, secure ISP is more secure than web based email, email should be encrypted, and HTML and XHTML email should be used with caution (most email programs say enable links first).

While I think I recognize all phishing scams (although there is always a new one), there is no guarantee that a hire will – perhaps safe computer use should be a topic of an interview.

How things have changed since the early or mid 1990s, when community colleges taught how to use Eudora.

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