Monday, July 27, 2009

Do McAfee and Spysweeper conflict? (wrLZMA)

This morning, Monday July 27, on a quick scan by McAfee of an older Dell 8300 from 2003 (XP Home) with Spysweeper anti-spy (but not antivirus) added on, the scan hung on module wrLZMA.dll, twice. I disconnected the Internet and tried again and got the same result. The full scan had run successfully without incident Saturday morning.
In a scheduled run last night, Spysweeper went into a loop and never started, on the same machine.

I have been having trouble with slow performance on this machine, as noted earlier; sometimes it gets better for a while, after running RegCure (which always finds at least two HKLM errors).

I found the report above from 2008 about a possible conflict between Spysweeper and McAfee over a Spysweeper module by this name. But a search shows other modules purported to be Trojans with this name masquerading as this file. However, a Dell search of the local machine showed that the module was last loaded and updated the day that I installed Spysweeper.

I think this is a “false positive” and an artifact of my performance problem, not a cause. In the meantime, I’m moving work over to a new Vista XPS laptop (I explained on another blog why Apple wouldn’t quite work for me). Needless to say, the new laptop runs about ten times as fast.

Out of caution, I disconnected the old machine from the Internet, and changed critical passwords under the firewall protection of the new one. It’s hard to prove with an old slow machine that the anti-virus and firewall actually work.
If someone knows more about wrLZMA, I would appreciate comments – moderated but quickly reviewed and approved. I guess the old machine will find its way to the Best Buy repair desk soon.

Picture: from the DC Metro, and prescient.

Update: Aug. 1, 2009

Now, in a full McAfee scan, it gets stuck on webroot "settings.dat"

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