Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hand print technology could make computers more secure as well as entire workplaces

A Tampa FL-based technology company, Identica ("undeniable identity"), has developed a biometric scanning device now reading the vein patterns on the backs of peoples’ hands. The technology has become popular for security in Asian banks, but now at least one pre-school in Loudoun County, Lola’s Place, VA uses it.

It seems to be a technically controversial alternative to retinal scanning. But off hand, it would sound more prone to physical changes in a person.

It would also sound like an appealing technology for workstation security in the workplace, or even at home with a PC or laptop, more reliable than webcams and photos. This sounds like a security technology to watch.

The story is in the Metro Section of the July 28 Washington Post, by Emma Brown, p B1"Va. Preschool’s Security Is More than Skin-Deep”, link here.

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