Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Arlington and VA govt give out general home computer security tips

Arlington County VA, apparently in a partnership effort with Virginia state government, sent out a "Citizen's Information Security Advisory" to all home computer users on its homeland security email list today, advising consumers how to install automated security updates on all of these platforms:

(1) Microsoft XP and Vista (and other Windows) systems, the most common

(2) Apple MacIntosh, and homeland security views the Mac as vulnerable (as in the previous posting)

(3) Apple iPhone (apparently no updates for Blackberry?)

(4) Adobe Reader and Flash software, which might apply to both platforms above

(5) Firefox, even though Firefox is typically thought to be safer than Internet Explorer; Microsoft bundles IE updates with its regular automated security updates.

As noted on my IT blog, Microsoft recently had to back out and reissue an update to Vista (KB 973879); the reissued update seems to work properly (and not cause blue screens when devices are disconnected).

The link supplied by Arlington County is here.

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