Sunday, September 20, 2009

Odds and Ends: Webroot and Vista backups: lightning strikes twice today

My new Dell XPS laptop with Vista ran into a couple more little security-related items today.

This morning, Webroot Spysweeper told me I had never run backup when I had a few days ago. I tried to log in to the backup center and got server errors. But it also warned me about a missed scheduled backup, since I turn the laptop off after bedtime. Once I ran the sweep manually (it takes 30 minutes and usually finds some spy cookies) it showed the backup account again.

(Note: later experience shows that Webroot shows "backup never un" until you sign on, after restarting a system.)

Later Microsoft tried to run the automatic backup, which failed on not enough disk space on the D drive. Why does Dell make this drive so small? The only item left for deletion from D is the Recycle bin. What sense does this make?

(Note: Best Buy/Geek Squad tells me that the problem is with Vista; the manufacturer fixes the Recovery Disk size, and Vista should accomodate it. They say ignore the warnings and use an external backup like Mozy or Webroot for your data.)

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