Sunday, September 06, 2009

Senate makes Cybersecurity Act even more vague and more "dangerous", inviting eventual presidential shutdown

The "conservative" Washington DC Examiner has an important editorial Sept 1“Don’t let a president turn off the Internet”, link here. It refers to Jay Rockefeller’s Cybersecurity Act of 2009, S 773, Govtrack reference here. Electronic Frontier Foundation currently (Sept. 6) features the link on its strike page. However Rockefeller has reportedly revised the language to make it even more vague.

The editorial says that Obama wants to be the digital age’s “Harry Truman” and goes on to describe Truman’s seizure of steel mills in 1952, because of the Korean War. A national cybersecurity emergency, perhaps like the recent DOS attack on some government agencies (somewhat a matter of incompetence), could easily result in shutting down the “people’s” voices like social networking sites and blogging platforms. The concerns articulated by attorney John Dozier, in the book I reviewed Aug. 27, might eventually be perceived as serious enough to trigger presidential intervention.

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