Friday, October 16, 2009

Webroot Spysweeper gives warnings about i.nuseek on blogs, apparently for some non-working gadgets

Yesterday, on my movies blog, I got a warning from Webroot Spysweeper about “”. It happened only in Google Chrome, not in Firefox or Internet Explorer. I did notice that one of the gadgets at the bottom of the blog had an expired domain, so I replaced the gadget (“5 top boxoffice hits” or something to that effect) with another gadget. I haven’t seen the warning from Spysweeper since.

I checked this on a machine with McAfee site advisor, and see that is rated green. I find “rumors” about taking over expired domains, so maybe the circumstantial evidence makes sense. For example, bloggers should watch their “3rd party” gadgets and make sure they continue working properly. Again, Spysweeper seems to be much more proactive in warning users about potential problems with an embedded site or script that McAfee.

A typical discussion of i.nuseek appears here.

Interested visitors should look up the WHOIS for on

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