Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Malware could corrupt your Internet connectivity; could external router corruption do the same?

Today, on all three browsers (IE, Firefox, Google Chrome), I had intermittent connectivity problems on Comcast for about 20 minutes with Vista giving a diagnosis of a bad TP/ICP setting. CNN and Yahoo would display incomplete pages, Blogger could not complete requests, and so on. Suddenly, everything started working properly again.

I found a page about this kind of problem with XP on “Who Is Madur” here (from April 2009) I don’t think any malware had corrupted the connection, as it repaired itself; but it makes me wonder if hackers could get to the corporate routers outside of my home and business and steal information. I had never seen this kind of error before at home, on either XP or Vista, that I can recall.

I found a posting on Yahoo! about a virus W32.virut that could cause these problems here.

Microsoft’s page for this sort of problem seems to be this.

Anyone who has seen this, or experienced problems like this on the East Coast Tuesday morning with Comcast (not with wireless), feel free to comment.

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