Thursday, November 12, 2009

Social networking "friends" can launch "I need money" scams

Wednesday, NBC-Washington’s Liz Crenshaw warned social networking users of new scams where hackers impersonate account holders and ask “friends” for money.

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The danger seems greatest with Facebook or Myspace users who allow many people to sign up as “friends” and then who announce plans, especially travel (or medical hospitalization) plans, that could invite hackers to attempt scams when they think that the account holders will not be able to check. has an article by Landa Roeder on the “I need money” link here

Also, check out this MSNBC story "Facebook message frees NYC robbery suspect: Accused updated status on his Facebook page one minute before robbery", where the IP address from which a Facebook posting was made was used to provide an alibi (link here). This may be a legal first.

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