Tuesday, December 01, 2009

New York Daily News has Internet safety tips for families -- a bit simplistic?

The New York Daily News, on a page (Tuesday Dec. 1, 2009, page 5) dealing primarily with booting s.o.’s off of Myspace and Facebook, has a brief summary “tips to safer surfin’ on the unfriendly Web”, by Heidi Evans.

Rather than a resource that can help kids get a leg up with their academics, the computer is seen as more likely a source of danger for families. What’s interesting is the viewpoint on the desire of many kids – and adults, as we know from news stories – go get into the limelight. The article tends to view Internet fame as a no-no – for kids and parents both – until one can “compete” in already socially approved ways. That’s interesting, because it seems to me that a 15 year old who has figured out how to reverse engineer an iPhone is entitled to some “fame”.

The Daily News doesn’t seem to have the story online yet.

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