Sunday, January 17, 2010

A homework report on Kaspersky, with an older computer

I finally got my old Dell 8300 computer (from 2003) back and set up again, with the hard drive replaced by Best Buy. I’ll have to get with Mozy on recovering all the data, as the hard drive was unrecoverable, but I set up Kaspersky today.

A couple of interesting points came up. It asked me to activate online and asked for a customer code in the parsed format. What I found on the Best Buy green CD was a “product code” in that format. It did not activate the first time, but Microsoft insisted on catching up with its XP updates. Upon restart, it took the code, and then went into a long update, updating the virus signature files and entire engine. In the meantime, Windows was reporting no anti-virus protection and no firewall. The update sat at 99% for a long time (about ten minutes) with a left-moving graph of the transfer. It didn’t tell the customer how big in meg the update was. Finally it finished and asked me to Restart, but the Restart button did not remain visible for more than a couple seconds. So I restarted it through windows, and then all the protections (anti-virus and Firewall) came up normally.

I loaded Microsoft Windows 2002 from my old CD’s, as well as Front Page (neither any longer supported, but I had the original boxes and product keys) and Final Draft 6 (again, an old licensed CD). Kaspersky warned me that Final Draft was a potentially “dangerous” program.

I then loaded some data from my zip drives, as well as Firefox and Google Chrome. Finally, I ran the Kaspersky Quick Scan, and then the Full Scan, which took about a half hour. The scan reported some vulnerabilities in the 2002 Microsoft Word and Excel, and gave the numbers. That makes sense, as these are old versions of the products. I should not open any .doc or .xls documents found on the Web by search engines on this computer unless I pay for Microsoft’s upgrade on this machine, too.

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