Thursday, January 14, 2010

Windows Firewall and Ipswitch: an incident at home

Last night, while connecting to my doaskdotell domain with Ipswitch WS_FTP_12, I saw that the domain pane refused to populate, and then Windows Firewall warned me that it needed permission for me to continue. I did. The FTP stalled for about twenty seconds, then gave the notorious FTP “train horn” sound (minus Doppler effect), but the directory (the movies directory on the site) still would not populate. When I navigated up the site map populated, and then back down the movies directory populated normally.

I suppose that my ISP’s FTP server could have had some connectivity problems momentarily, but is that how Windows Firewall is supposed to behave? Normally Ipswitch does not require permission from the Firewall (or maybe I gave it permission once when I installed it). Does someone know how it Windows Firewall behaves in this sort of situation?

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