Sunday, February 14, 2010

Webroot Spysweeper exe icon (or Home link) not responding -- problem

Today I had a bizarre experience with Webroot spysweeper. The executable went into a “not responding” situation when I clicked on the Programs Menu icon on my Windows Vista Dell XPS laptop. If I clicked Close, Vista would eventually bring it back (but once it slipped into "not responding" when I clicked on "Home"). I then tried running the sweep and found only a few (15) spy cookies, not unusual, but a higher than usual number of traces (51). After quarantining, the program again went into not responding, but Vista brought it back.

I restarted the machine, and it operated normally after restart.

Typically on bootup, the Webroot trademark with Sophos appears, and then Windows Security reports no anti-virus is running. In about 15 seconds the yellow circle appears with the “loading” Passover, which becomes active after less than a minute, whereupon Webroot displays the alerts.

Windows problem reports shows a failed automatic update on Feb. 9 which was reinstalled successfully on Feb. 10.

Does anyone know of other problems where Webroot does not respond? I see a few problems reported on Sutdown with Bing, and some speculation that Webroot gets locked by Internet Explorer sometimes. I do notice that sometimes IE is slow to bring up the Dell/MSN site.

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