Monday, March 08, 2010

Cell phone spying reported on ABC GMA

Lisa Fletcher and Cole Kazdin have an important story on ABC Good Morning America on Monday March 8 about cell phone spyware, “Cell Phone Spying Nightmare: 'You're Never the Same': Woman's Ex-Boyfriend Stalked Her for Years Using Software on Her Cell Phone”, link here.

The problem occurs when another person has physical access to your cell phone and installs the spyware, which can watch you even when the cell phone is turned off.

I wondered if computer spyware detectors (like Webroot spysweeper) could detect if if the cell phone is connected to the computer. I also wondered if a similar risk exists for the Blackberry.

The only “cure” is a new cell phone, which can be expensive while under an old contract, or calling your provider and having the cell phone operating system reinstalled, which would cost money if the provider did it

Surprisingly, it’s apaprently not illegal to sell the spyware devices on the web (say to parents who want to watch their kids), but it might or would be to actually install them on a person’s phone, as many states have anti-stalking laws.

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