Friday, April 16, 2010

Email circulates today about the postcard virus; may be a hoax, but users should remain careful

I got an email today about a virus purported one of the most destructive ever released, destroying your C drive.

What I was able to find out so far is that in 2007 there was a legitimate virus warning about emails with words to this effect: 'You've received a postcard from a school-mate!' or 'You've received a Hallmark E-Card,”. The explanation is on (web url) here

Apparently there has also circulated an “urban legend” about a similar story that is not true, with an explanation dating back to Feb. 2008 here. Hallmark has, of course, issued press statements disconnecting itself from such emails and taken action against the perpetrators.

Common sense says that the user should be vary of any emails like this, not click on attachments or embedded links (or preferably not allow your email viewer to enable the links).

I’ll watch this story to see if there is more to it.

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