Friday, June 11, 2010

AOL suggests clearing browser caches; more questions on cookies (not the same as cache)

AOL Discover today has a brief discussion of the security advantages of deleting your browser cache regularly – including protecting personal information from hackers. I’m not sure it’s such a big deal – it would seem that the quality of wireless security (from “wardrivers”) for stuff going out could be an issue. The article is titled “How to clear your cache (and why you’d want to)”, link (web url) here.

I've noticed that browsers are a little different. Sometimes when a high speed connection is down, Mozilla will keep displaying a cached Google search page, whereas Chrome will not. However, Chrome is display all our "tabs" (those don't require page requests) but if you click on a tab, even if the connection is down, it sometimes will display the static portions of the page from the last time, based on the cache (which is not the same thing as a cookie).

I also wonder, when it comes to cookies, how Weboort Spysweeper decides what's a potential spy cookie. It often flags doubleclick during scans.

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