Sunday, June 06, 2010

Josh Levs on CNN discusses social media (esp. Facebook) security, especially phishing attacks

Josh Levs on CNN (facebook address link ) did a presentation on social media security Sunday morning, apparently inspired by phishing appeals, such as this one “Phishing for the General” in the New York Times, story by Thom Shanker (link) . Apparently an imposter has used Gen. Ray Odierno’s Facebook page  (link). to create phony offers to get a relative out of a combat zone if you will send “him” money. This is a bit of a surprise, as the Pentagon is supposed to have strict rules on the use of social media just to prevent this sort of thing.

Levs went over the basic security rules for social media, besides understanding the Privacy Settings (which for a site with the “power” of Facebook will always take some effort). One is to use different passwords for different sites (and strong passwords). Another is to be aware of the “context” of emails that appear to be generated by social media sites, especially those that claim “urgency”. Apparently it’s possible for spammers to fake Facebook origination just as they fake banks. Levs also suggested keeping up your security updates on your web browsers, and also said that passwords that require specific security questions (like what your favorite movie is – don’t use the same thing you put on Facebook as your security answer – don’t be too honest, that is) for automated server reset are more secure.

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