Monday, July 26, 2010

New Webroot SpySweeper stimulates reviewers to consider the general nature of today's threats

Neil J. Rubenking of PC Magazine has a review of Webroot AntiVirus with SpySweepr 2011 here.

He discusses the design (in terms of the stoplight green-yellow-red items) in terms of user friendliness, and then discusses performance in terms of time for sweeps on clean machines, and effectiveness in finding and cleaning threats.

But the most interesting part of his review is general : he discusses whether keyloggers are always malicious (employers and parents can install them), and talks about scareware and rogue antivirus stuff, as well as unwanted adware. The newer threats tend to be more subtle than in the past.

His article compares SpySweeper to Malwarebytes-Antimalware, and Ad-Adware Total Security.

What needs more attention is how to integrate Webroot's firewall, as if is often sold without it, leaving the user to depend of Windows Firewall, which may not be sufficient in wireless environments with data leaving the computer.

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