Sunday, August 01, 2010

Webroot reports on how digital fingerprinting could track "anonymous" virus authors

The “Threat Research Group” at Webroot reported on a technology a company called “HBGary” has developed, as reported by CEO Geg Hoglund, in identifying malware and possible sources by a “digital fingerprint” technology that more or less follows the model of classical fingerprint technology in the real world. Webroot’s blog entry is here and it contains a picture that, when linked, brings up much more detail than first showing in the blog entry. (I’m not sure why the jpg doesn’t display in full in the Webroot blog posting directly.)

The technology should help international law enforcement agencies to track down serious cyberthretas, including possibly acts of cyberwarfare, more quickly.

The FBI has a writeup on how its process to identify hacker code was working back in 2006, with an incident in Turkey regarding the Zotob virus. The link is here.  Surely the process has evolved more since then.

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