Thursday, September 09, 2010

New mass-mailing email work attacks today

Sophos reports a mass-mailing email worm affecting many companies and government agencies, filling employee inboxes with spam to today Sept. 9. It sends an unsolicited email that purports to link to a PDF but actually runs a VB executable. The Sophos blog article on the problem is this.  The worm reportedly spoofs an email address from an infected computer as the sender.

Most antivirus companies have updated dd files by now, and online protection (including Sophos or Webroot) will block access to that URL.

Diane Sawyer gives the story from ABC World News Tonight (the email virus did hit ABC) here.

Back in September 2001 (two weeks after 9/11), my own workplace was hit by a "virus attack" and for a few hours I was afraid that I could have infected my home computer.

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