Friday, October 15, 2010

Firefox offers bloggers a tool to block litigious sources

Here’s an odd topic for a blog on Internet safety. If you blog and don’t want to use content from sources known to be litigious, you can install a plugin tool into Firefox to block access from those sources. Then you won’t inadvertently use it and possibly face a copyright lawsuit, a topic I have covered on my “BillBoushka” blog (esp. to Sept 8 posting).

Clayton Cramer has a blunt blogger entry titled “How to make sure you don’t accidentally visit organizations that don’t want you”, on a posting Aug. 18, 2010, about the Righthaven mass litigation, here.

A blog devoted to “Righthaven victims” offers detailed instructions on how to use the Firefox tool here.

Both list and show how to block sites from Stephens Media. WEHCO Media could probably be added to the list.

One could use this technique with sources known to file SLAPP lawsuits, too.

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