Thursday, October 21, 2010

More advice on password changes; how Cloud security is a group experience

The latest on password security has been floating around on Twitter, with a lot of it referring to an Oct. 15 New York Times article by Robert McMillan of IDG News Service, “Google: Change Your Password Twice a Year to Stay Safe”, link here.

One problem is that scammers often save passwords and so another technique is to never use the same or closely related passwords on different accounts that you consider critical.  I would think at least 4 to 6 times a year would be more appropriate. At work back in 2001, in a Unix environment, we had to change it once a month and go through password cracker.

Google has an article by Priya Nayak on Oct 15 on its own corporate blog, “Protecting your data in the Cloud”, link here The company points out that since your account is considered trustworthy, scammers might be tempted to sift from other people you know supposedly to “help you out”. Such schemes, to be sure, generally do not foot tech savvy people or people who must know how to network online properly to generate legitimate business for themselves (including, for example, filmmakers and musicians).

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