Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Trend Micro uses "cloud computing" rather than data file downloads to keep its security protection up-to-date

Time Magazine carried (on p. 64) a full-page paid advertisement in the Oct. 18, 2010 issue for Trend Micro Titanium Security Suite, with the website here.  Trend’s tagline is “Internet Security that won’t slow you down”, and the printed ad reads “Securing your PC from cybercrime; Protect PC’s against insidious attacks without the endless security file downloads that cripple productivity”. The technique?  Cloud computing. You have to have a high quality high speed Internet connection where their server will continually check your PC.  One would have to be sure that one wouldn’t want to run into those notorious ISP broadband limits.  
"Titanium" happens to be the name of one of my screenplays (UFO's land).

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