Monday, November 29, 2010

Bizarre worm in Facebook "random applications" leads to more discussion of site's security; checking Friend requests

So here’s a story by British criminology graduate student Zack Whittaker on ZdNet about a new worm whose bizarre links seems to be showing up in a lot of Facebook friends’ lists these days. The story is (website url) here, in an "iGeneration" piece.  Note the use of the word "infested" instead of "infected". The worm has various random names such as “S22BZ5”. There follows an existential discussion, especially in the comments, as to whether Facebook is “secure.”

I know that I started getting a run of Friends’ requests, from people who probably wouldn’t have a legitimate interest in me. At least one stated his birthdate, and it seemed that some were underage, which sounds dangerous. Maybe a worm masquerading as a police sting. Someone who doesn’t have a lot of “Friends” (pun) should probably look at the profile of every request. My own policy is not to accept any Friend whom I believe to be under 18 (unless I know him or her from a legitimate source).

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