Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Much of US government and military and ordinary home traffic was mistakenly routed through China; more on Stuxnet

Shuan Waterman has a story in The Washington Times on Tuesday Nov. 16, reporting that about 15% of American Internet traffic was routed through China for an 18 minute period e in April, according to some rogue networking optimization algorithms. Some of this traffic came from US government and military computers. Obviously, hackers could have enjoyed an opportunity to corrupt the traffic.

The story appears on the front page of the Tuesday, Nov. 16 Washington Times and has this link.

There are also media reports that the Stuxnet work was designed to disrupt Iran centrifuges associated with nuclear materials, but the worm has the potential to affect process control in various industrial operations and electric power grids, and it might circulate as an apparently harmless Trojan in home systems.

I had to chuckle today at NBC’s “Days of our Lives” when a character gets a computer virus from a video and didn’t bother to use anti-virus software and is so na├»ve!

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