Saturday, November 27, 2010

Webroot quarantines "Rogue Security Products" from active Shield

This morning, while surfing blogs that displayed ads, I suddenly got a warning from Webroot that it had quarantined “Rogue Security Products”. All previous quarantine incidents have occurred when running the sweep (which gets longer all the time). Webroot says that it an adware program. Apparently it would try to prompt the user to purchase a fake anti-virus product. No such ad appeared in my browser or on my screen.

Webroot’s blog entry for the problem, dated Nov 22, is here.

There follows a discussion of Karagany, a fake “security” product that hides in Adobe applications.

Trojan Mimics Adobe Updater from Webroot Threat Research on Vimeo.
Webroot Threat Research

About three years ago, my blogs sometimes attracted comments attempting to sell fake anti-virus software. Since I have monitored comments, spam comments have disappeared. But one time when tried clicking on a link, an application icon came up (on an older XP computer), and McAfee did not detect it. (All such comments have been removed.)

Picture: Sartor Resartus, and a cluttered closet.

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