Monday, January 03, 2011

Best Buy prompts mandatory advertising app on new W7 notebook

This evening, while I was working on my new Toshiba Notebook in Windows 7 from BestBuy, I got a prompt from the BestBuy icon (a blue and yellow spoked wheel) for a “mandatory download” of the Best Buy Software Installer. Kaspersky 2011 did not object. The application seemed only to advertise Best Buy deals. Not objectionable on its face, but it shouldn’t be “mandatory”. And would have defaulted to appearing every time Windows 7 starts if I did not uncheck it.

Not the healthiest thing. It was a load right from the hard drive, a few days after starting use of the computer; it seemed to be calendar driven.

I also attached by Blackberry and the Verizon Access Manager VZW downloaded and installed but it doesn’t appear in the list of startable programs.

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