Friday, January 14, 2011

Webroot says a.v. protection is on when Windows 7 says anti-virus is not on; just a restart, or account registration issue?

Here’s a  little glitch. Windows 7 this morning told me that my Webroot antivirus protection was turned off. When I went into Webroot, it was OK.  Windows 7 wanted to run a Webroot program from the “tray” and gave the typical permissions screen, but nothing would happen.

The only warning from Webroot  was the Sync and Sharing. I went ahead and purchased extra backup space, up to 25 G.  It offered me a product key for the backup space, and said that the same product key would download an enhanced version of security. 

I left the product alone for now, but went ahead and created a new Webroot account, then set up files to back up within 25 G.  I restarted.  After restart, the Windows 7 "Red" warning of no anti-virus protection went away.  But that has nothing to do with backup space, so I don’t quite understand what happened.

I still get double billing on my old Vista account, so I know I’ll have to spend time with the company on the phone to straighten out the billing, and multiple copies and licenses of their products.
It seems as though going from Vista to Windows 7 (and keeping everything working, including security) is not so simple.  However W7 does seem to boot up and run much faster. 

When people freelance alone solo, their time is valuable. But maybe testing and blogging about Internet security products and all the multiple (and sometimes redundant) features is a full time job. 

I do have the Webroot firewall on top of the Windows 7, so that supposed to be safer for outgoing stuff. 

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