Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More rogue "anti-virus" worms make their rounds; how to look at your Application Folder

Brenden Vaughn and Andrew Brandt have a useful entry on the Webroot threat blog (developed by the company’s “Advanced Malware Removal” team), about how to inspect your Applications Folder for illegitimate executables, which generally should not exist on an XP, Vista or W7 machine. Legitimate applications put their stuff inside more folders.

The authors also discuss a new “total security” fake anti-virus rogue software, which may incorporate the name of the host’s operating system as part of its application name when it installs. A related fake rogue is “Antivirus IS”, which pretends to have a convincing-looking “trademark”.   I dount USPTO has heard of it.  (That’s an idea: if you see a product advertised and are suspicious, look it up at the Patent Office datatbase uspto.gov; legitimate companies will register trademarks or patents on their products.)

The link for the story is here

Visitors get a bonus today: photos from a trove of my parents' photos from the 1930s; I'm trying to get a few of them put up quickly on several blogs.  Not much to do with Internet security, except that one of them kept rotating once when imported; I had to rotate back and rotate forward; probably has something to do with my digital camera.

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