Monday, April 04, 2011

Twitter users: Beware of "Profile Spy"

Sophos security (and Webroot) are warning Twitter users not to allow the “Profile Spy” application to have access to your account.  If you do (after receiving a tweet inviting you to), it will spread virally to all or your followers, probably ticking them off.  You should revoke access to the application and change your Twitter PW immediately.

The application purported to tell you who had looked at your Twitter profile. Not legit.

The Sophos link is here

Twitter itself gives you the ability to limit who can see your tweets to a closed list (as does Facebook; so does Blogger, although using the privacy feature would seem to defeat the purpose of blogging on a public platform with instant search engine classification).

I haven’t found that the automatic https parameter works. If I want https on Twitter, I still have to key it. 

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