Monday, June 27, 2011

Families still at risk from kids' surfing other home computer practices; inability to maintain antivirus software found by GFI

AOL, on Monday June 27, led off the day with a basic article on family online safety by Denna Glick, “Study Finds Teens, Parents Take Online Risks”, link here.

Even though kids may be more tech savvy, they may be exposing families to substantial risks in terms of potential identity theft, bank losses, or home security problems.  GFI Software, from Cary, NC,  (website url link) )commissioned a study and found that about two-thirds of homes did encounter computer viruses on home or “family” computers.  It found that many parents are careless in allowing kids to use work-related computers, which may be corporate or government laptops, or sometimes are desktops set up for work at home or telecommuting (or oncall support). It also found that many, perhaps most, families did not keep anti-virus software updated properly. This could put families at legal risk. One problem may be the ability of anti-virus problems to fix problems easily when problems occur; many parents don't understand how to work with tech support and do complicated diagnostic downloads, or may not have stable enough high speed connections. 

GFI provides a link to a related UK story on surfing by John Leyden, “Survey scammers target Doctor Who fans”, here

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