Friday, July 01, 2011

IMDB official site link leads me to a rogue survey; a DNS spoof?

Today, while I was looking at the Imdb entry for the horror film “Psychosis”, I clicked on the “official site” link and was taken to “” which attempted to lure me into a survey. On Mozilla, I found no entry in MyWOT.  I wonder if this is an instance of some kind of “DNS spoofing” that was considered a security threat in 2008, precipitating a security forum at Microsoft that summer, and written about in my “identity theft” blog in August of 2008.

I did not click on the survey or do anything. Remember, last winter (see Feb. 27 here) there was a fake survey that was launched by misspellings of “Facebook”, resulting in unwanted cell phone spam (which fortunately can be stopped before it causes charges to mount).  A hard reboot and Webroot virus scan found nothing except a couple of unusual spy cookies, which were quarantined. 

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