Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Webroot security rejects some shortened url's for twitter supplied by well-known sites; they work in tinyurl

A story by televisions station WJLA in Washington on a major incident on the DC Metro Tuesday (here) involving the safety of patrons, came with a short url for tweets that Webroot flagged with orange as associated with spam and identity theft.  When I used tinyurl to generate a shortened URL, Webroot accepted it.  I don’t know why Webroot security package rejected a shortened URL that the WJLA site had itself generated for use in tweets.

As for the story itself – it’s not really an Internet matter – but the DC Metro should consider putting in plexiglass panels to protect the tracks, as is done on some lines in London and Paris.  And why do Metro computers shut down the escalators when the station is crowded, trapping everyone? 

I have to add one other comment. I wasn't there, fortunately. But it could have been me getting trapped in Rosslyn.  I could have wound up with the heart attack or stroke because of someone else's "attempt" to take his own life. The loss would be irreversible. 

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