Saturday, December 17, 2011

Webroot and Kaspersky find problems with popups on many corporate media news sites

Just a note of followup.  I still get warnings from Webroot on a number of ads that lead in to newspaper stories on major papers like The Washington Post and USA Today.  Usually, the warnings are yellow, one or two have been red.  These are the advertisements that have an insertion, “skip this ad” or “continue reading”. 
The problem noted Monday with a New York Times web page discussing the nexus between blogging and journalism has been resolved. Kaspersky no longer warns of a rogue Facebook application trying to load, and no survey comes up.  
Here’s another oddity:  Now, when I boot up my XPS laptop under Windows 7, Windows asks me to start Webroot and Webroot always updates before it will let me start it, delaying the start of my ability to work about two or three minutes.  My version is 
A site called “TopTenReviews” has a discussion of problems at the New York Times (link), but the facts appear to relate to the 2009 attack.  The problem I encountered this week did not involve fake anti-virus software (a common scareware scam); it was instead a fake Facebook survey, probably related to phishing for personal information.  As of right now, only Kaspersky has reported it. 

Even trusted sites of big companies and government agencies (trustworthty?) seem to get hacked.And unfortunately you have to use more than one anti-virus vendor to catch everything.

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