Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Signs your computer is "balding"; liability for bank account drains; phishing proof-of-concept education

Webroot treated us to a couple of important tweets today. One is by Davey Alba of Laptop Magazine, “Five Signs that your PC is infected”, (website url) link. I’d be a little surprised that people discover repeated unauthorized withdrawals from their bank accounts. Yes, that’s bad, but you shouldn’t let your bank get away from you. 

Do banks have to reimburse customers?  In the US, generally yes for individuals, no for businesses.  (For someone who works at home with a proprietorship earning some money from blogging, I suppose that could get tricky.)  In the UK, it appears businesses have two days to find it.  Who foots the bill for better security?  It’s an existential problem.  Here’s an informative link on liability.   The risks are increasing especially with mobile banking.  The biggest risk would seem to come from keyloggers. 

The rest of his suggestions are rather routine. Of course, slow machines, and unwanted popups and website jumps are suspicious. 

There’s also a rogue effort to educate banks and other companies on who easily criminals can mimic them with phishing attacks, with a “proof-of-concept” training exercise, described here by Brian Krebs on his new site, link.   

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