Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mac users get a security wakeup call from the Flashback Trojan

Mac users are starting to have to get more attention from cybercriminals, according to a tweet from Webroot and TechNewsWorld yesterday, in this story about the Flashback Trojan, link here

Recently, my own Macbook prompted me to upload a security fix for Java which I believe is supposed to stop the Trojan.  I use Norton anti-virus (Symantec) on my Mac.  So far, I do rather limited surfing and email on the Mac, working mostly with my own music and video.

The malware prompts the user to download a bogus Flash player, which the Mac does not supply on its own.  Flash players should be downloaded only from Adobe.  Intego has a discussion here

The Trojan would appear to make the Mac machine then a zombie for later DOS attacks. 

(There is a distantly related story on my COPA blog April 9 about a fictitious "shakedown" or scareware virus.)

Picture: from DC Metro.  Yes, some 16-year-old's are "bottomless pits" without gaining weight. 

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