Thursday, May 03, 2012

How to keep a low profile on the Internet (if you really have to)

Kate Murphy has a major column under “Personal Tech” in the Thursday New York Times, Business, p. B9, “Now to Muddy Your Tracks on the Internet”, link . She mentions the search engine (web link aptly named) "Duck" so as not to have your search habits watched or “bubbled”.

She talks a lot about browsing so as to not to be tracked, but that doesn’t hide your IP address. For that, she recommends V.P.N., such as Witpopia. PrivateVPN, and StrongVPN.  But some sites may not work if IP addresses are blurred by proxy servers.

Who needs to worry about this?  Small businesses, if they keep customer information, and don’t outsource that part. People in sensitive jobs where they really must keep low profiles.  People with sensitive family situations.  But ordinary individuals, even college students, probably not. 

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