Friday, June 01, 2012

AOL offers members Private WiFi, DataMask (stop keylogging), One Point (pw mgmt)

AOL is offering its subscribing members several security services.  One is reputation monitoring, which I discussed on my main blog May 31.

Another is Private WiFi, which requires downloading an executable.  I could consider doing this with a small travel  Gateway netbook that I carry on the road.  However, I have found that both a Verizon MiFi card (3G speeds) and the new IPad, used as a not spot (almost 4G speeds) work well and are secure as they assign or require strong passwords. 

Another potential valuable tool is DataMask, which would scramble keystrokes when visiting potentially suspicious websites.  I’m not sure if it protects you from malware already on your machine doing keylogging.  

Again, it requires a download and install, which would probably used on the main Windows PC at home.
Another product is AOL One Point, for managing strong passwords.  Again, a download is required.

I always approach making downloads, and system changes, even from large and well-known companies, with caution.  I’ll report later on how these turn out.  The most applicable for me is probably DataMask.

Another tip:  when you travel, you should change passwords on your travel machine just before you leave and not reuse them at home before you leave.   Still another concern with that tip is whether airport TSA security lets you stay with your own stuff while you’re being screened.  At LAX, it does;  you and your carry-ons are always screened simultaneously so they can’t become separated or stolen.  I wish DC area airports would do the same.

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