Friday, July 13, 2012

More experiences with Webroot Secure Anywhere

On Wednesday, as I was looking at some links from imdb's page (certainly reputable from a safety standpoint) for the recent "Spider-Man" movie, Windows 7 Professional warned me that Webroot Secure Anywhere wanted to execute an unusual script "from the hard drive".  This had never happened before. I allowed it.  Nothing changed.  I rebooted and scanned (22 minutes) and everything was clean.  I thought Webroot had been trying to block something through the Firewall (that had gotten past Windows firewall).  I didn't find any quarantined cookies or viruses. on their extensive reports.

Webroot does offer an execution log and a report of process counts that is constantly updating (you could make a YouTube video of it).  I was amazed at how much it shows on the "advanced" log file.

It does not slow down the computer, but during the week-long cable outage (after the East Coast derecho), when I had to use my iPad hotspot (with data transfer limits) I did notice the gigabyte accumulating rather quickly. I don' know whether Webroot could add to data transfer usage.

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